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How much more of Luis Suarez's rubbish can Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool take?

With Steven Beacom

In the newspaper trade this is known as football's silly season.

Silly because, well, between now and the end of July you will see dozens of silly stories in newspapers, apart from this one obviously, relating to transfers that will never happen.

The stories tend to be even more outrageous when there is not a major tournament on in the summer, as is the case this year. They generate excitement for fans bored by the lack of footy.

Money grabbing agents of course love it, telling tall tales and revelling in seeing their clients linked the next day with multi-million pound moves.

Then there's the players, who attempt to engineer deals themselves normally in their own country where they detail their inner most thoughts on why they need a transfer, generally to Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Luis Suarez is one of these. He's been baring his poor tortured soul for weeks now.

After all the backing and support the Uruguayan has received from Liverpool's fans and the club despite his appalling behaviour, his lack of respect towards all at Anfield lately has been disgusting. With every word outlining his desire to leave, he twists the knife that little bit further.

Brendan Rodgers would prefer to have the brilliance of Suarez, but you wonder how much more of the player's rubbish the Ulsterman, the Liverpool board and the fans can take.

Get £50 million for him and get rid. Liverpool would be silly not to.

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