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Ian Herbert: Bitter quest for truth about Hillsborough trudges on

The new inquests into those who died at Hillsborough will begin on 31 March and we learnt the venue on Monday: an anonymous building on a Warrington business park whose name, Bridgewater Place, will soon belong to the long lexicon of the Disaster.

Encouraging but fairly meaningless. What remains most wanted is someone, somewhere, to provide some answers about that April day.


You might ask what became of the investigation, launched a year ago by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), into Peter Metcalf – the former partner at the Hammond Suddards partnership. He was found by the Hillsborough Independent Panel to have helped drive through what was known by South Yorkshire Police top brass as “review and alteration” – and to you and me as doctoring the statements of the junior officers on duty that April day.


I asked that question, too. But still there is no sign of an outcome. The inquests have become one more reason for investigations to be placed in abeyance. Getting at the truth remains a grim and wretched business.

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