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Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge targets terrific ton goal haul for season

By Carl Markham

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge raced to 50 goals in double-quick time at Anfield but he already has his sights set on his century.

His strike in the 4-0 Merseyside derby victory over Everton brought up his landmark in his 87th appearance.

That is fewer matches than such club greats as Luis Suarez (91 games), John Aldridge (92), Michael Owen (93), Robbie Fowler (94), Kenny Dalglish (99) and Ian St John (111).

The only post-War forwards to have reached their half-century quicker are Albert Stubbins (77), Roger Hunt (79) and Fernando Torres (84).

But with injury forcing Sturridge to miss virtually half the games the club have played since he joined in January 2013, the England man is keen to make up for lost time with his next 50 -starting with a claim for Philippe Coutinho's goal in the rout over their near-neighbours.

"Of course I've told him. He would claim it is his but it touched me so it is my goal," said Sturridge of Liverpool's second goal of the night.

"I'm not the type of guy who would claim a goal if it didn't touch me - I know there are some guys out there hungry for goals but I'm not that hungry.

"There has been some dubious decision but that is not dubious, it is clear for everyone to see.

"It is great to get to 50 goals. I won't play it down but it is important to understand now the next aim is 100 goals."

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