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MacDonald seeks expert advice

Kevin MacDonald has revealed he sought advice from other managers as he mulls over whether to apply to become Martin O'Neill's successor at Aston Villa.

MacDonald will be in the caretaker role for the final time for Sunday's Barclays Premier League home clash with Everton and expects a replacement for O'Neill to be in place by the end of the international break. He will decide after the meeting with David Moyes' side whether to tell Villa owner Randy Lerner he is willing to be considered for the post.

MacDonald said: "I have spoken to two or three managers but the big thing they have said is, 'You will make your own mind up'."

He added: "They've said, 'If you feel you need to take time, well that's the best thing to do'. That is why I've decided to take the time."

MacDonald insists he does not need to be told by Lerner whether he should apply for the role.

He said: "I don't need to here from anyone. It will be down to me and me alone. I am confident enough in my own ability that if I wish to be considered, I will tell Mr Lerner. If I don't, then I will say fine.

"I would imagine there will be a new manager by the time the players get back from international duty. Could it be me? I don't know."

MacDonald explained how he is contemplating all facets of the manager's job before deciding whether to make himself available for consideration from Lerner.

He said: "It would be surprising for most football clubs' fans to think, 'Why is he thinking about things?'. I actually think about a lot of things and quite deeply. It would be a great opportunity for me.

"But I've got to think about everything that goes on. Do I want this sort of lifestyle? Do I want how people perceive you as a person either as a coach or away from the football field?"

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