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Agent Aidy Ward blames ex-Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers for Raheem Sterling's bitter Anfield exit

By Staff Reporter

Raheem Sterling should still be a Liverpool player, according to his agent.

The winger left Anfield in the summer to join Manchester City and the smooth transition he has made belies the acrimonious nature of his departure from the club he joined as a 15-year-old.

Aidy Ward, Sterling's agent, has pinned the blame for the breakdown of their relationship with Liverpool at the door of former boss Brendan Rodgers.

"I have no issue with anyone but Rodgers," said Ward.

"He had a massive job with massive funds. How did he do? Good coach, but as a manager I didn't like certain things about how he dealt with Raheem.

"Raheem could've stayed, he should be at Liverpool. I think for me it was like he was being told to be a good boy and sign a contract.

"In December I spoke to Liverpool and said we'll sign a contract if there is a buy-out clause - those clauses are now common practice. They said no to that. Then there were remarks. In press conferences, Brendan told everyone Raheem would sign - why do that?

"I knew, Brendan knew and Liverpool knew there was an issue. He probably should be a Liverpool player, but he's not and he's in a great place at City."

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