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Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal hits back as talk turns back to his future

Louis van Gaal bristled when the subject of his future came up after Manchester United's 1-1 draw at Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho has again been linked with the Dutchman's job this week and Van Gaal reacted angrily to suggestions his position was under scrutiny.

Here is an excerpt from his post-match media conference:

Journalist A: Although you dropped points, the performances are improving. Do you think that's important as the club is trying to replace you, the fact you're trying to put in the performances which show you might have a value to the club?

LvG: You've spoken with Ed Woodward?

Journalist A: Well, the club aren't denying it...

LvG: Why they have to deny (it)? I don't interfere neither (sic). So why the club has to deny that, when you are creating stories?

Journalist A: I don't know if you know what I write...

LvG: Okay. So you didn't speak to Ed Woodward, not with the Glazers and you are inventing a story. And then I have to answer this question. I don't answer this question. And I shall repeat myself every week. Now I have to say that you are getting the sack tomorrow. What is your name? Then I can announce your name also. Look at your wife, maybe you have children or a nephew or something.

:: Later, as the media conference was coming to a conclusion, the name of Sir Alex Ferguson, who was present at Stamford Bridge, was brought up, as Diego Costa scored in "Fergie time".

Journalist B: A lot was said about your predecessor that he made his living out of that - Fergie Time. It was quite famous wasn't it? And now you think it's gone 180 degrees?

LvG: Okay, write what you want to write... Maybe you remember also the first years of Fergie.

Journalist B: I was too young. I'll get my dad to tell me.

LvG: Then you have to study, study statistics.

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