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Mourinho: I don't care if Chelsea fans turn on me


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has declared that he does not care what kind of reception he receives from Chelsea fans when he returns to Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Mourinho is the most successful manager in Chelsea's history having won three league titles in two spells. He is not expecting a negative reaction from the Blues fans even though he is now managing one of their biggest rivals, but insists it won't bother him either way.

"To say I care is not true. I am more focused on the game. I try to prepare myself for the match, so I cannot say that I care," said Mourinho.

"What can I expect? I don't know. They can think about me and remember our great relation and have a good reaction.

"I did my job (at Chelsea). They gave me their love and support. That is the most important thing. If now I go there as Man United manager and they decide to have a different approach, I will always respect them.

"If my team score a goal, am I going to celebrate like a crazy kid? No. I think I can control the emotion of that situation."

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