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Ryan Giggs says Manchester United will play with 'my philosophy'

By Ian Herbert

The temporary Manchester United manager Ryan Giggs today declared that his side would play with their old philosophy - “my philosophy", as he described it - now that he has taken over from David Moyes.

Giggs began his first press conference as United manager with a short statement thanking Moyes for giving him his first coaching job. But it was only a cursory nod up to the last eight months as Giggs proceeded to describe how desperate the season had become and how he wanted to restore ”speed, passion, tempo“ now.


Drawing on the philosophy Sir Alex Ferguson had taught him he said his players must ”work hard but most of all enjoy it.“


Giggs said: "It has been a frustrating season for everyone. We win together and we lose together. These four remaining games I want to put smiles on faces and bring the intensity back. I want to see goals. tackles, players taking on players. I want to see the passion that should come with being a Manchester United player.


"(We have) three home games at Old Trafford, where the home form hasn't been great, and I want to see goals, tackles, players taking players on and getting the crowd up. I want the passion that should come with being a Manchester United player."


There was a brief moment of humour before Giggs spoke, when he was almost introduced as "David" amid the initial urgency he felt to make a statement about his predecessor. He also joked that one of his first moves was to hand himself a new five-year playing contract. "Use my power while I can!"


"But he did not pretend that the last eight months have represented a gross underachievement by players whom he clearly believes have stopped "looking forward" to the weekend game. "The (players) have been really good in training this week and they are all excited as well," he said. "Everyone is looking sharp and I just want them to enjoy themselves and give fans something to smile about in the remaining four games. It's been a frustrating season and I want to end it on a high."

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