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Sir Alex Ferguson's ego trip is the last thing Manchester United manager David Moyes needed

By Steven Beacom

What a buzz surrounding Sir Alex Ferguson's new autobiography. The hype's up there with the latest Bridget Jones' Diary, Fifty Shades of Grey and all those Harry Potter offerings back in the day.

Should have known. Fergie is a wizard after all, and clearly he's still casting spells over everyone in football, even though he hung up his hairdryer a few months ago.

Becoming the most iconic figure and most successful manager in Manchester United's proud history, everything Ferguson did and the decisions he made were for the benefit of the club.

He tells us this time and time again in his book and in particular when writing about the controversial exits of David Beckham and Roy Keane.

How ironic because this autobiography and the timing of its publication does the current manager David Moyes and his Manchester United team no favours whatsoever.

I know the book is out now to capitalise on the lucrative Christmas market, but it's not like Sir Alex needs the money. In any case had it hit the shops on Boxing Day it would still be a best seller such is the interest in what the great Scot has to say.

With Moyes under serious pressure, after a stuttering start to his reign, the last thing he needs is high profile appearances from his legendary predecessor, like at yesterday's book launch and a series of Q & A sessions to come.

Moyes needs space to breathe, not to be suffocated by Sir Alex's ego trip.

In his book Ferguson writes Beckham had to leave United because he thought he was "bigger than the manager".

Could you accuse Fergie, now a director at Old Trafford, of thinking the same thing?

I also wonder why Ferguson felt the need to air United's dirty linen in public in relation to former players like the outstanding Keane as well as threaten Wayne Rooney's seemingly new found peace at the club.

There's a real sense that a few scores are being settled here. Certainly old enemy Liverpool and Rafael Benitez feel the full force of his bitterness towards them.

Surely, Fergie should be bigger than that.

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