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Watch: 'That's cheating' - Roy Keane clashes with Gary Neville and slams Manchester United performance in derby defeat

Roy Keane.
Roy Keane.

Roy Keane and Gary Neville took different opinions on Man United's performance after the Red Devils fell to yet another defeat in the Manchester derby last night.

Pep Guardiola's men took a huge step towards retaining their Premier League crown with a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford, with second half goals from Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane breaking Man United's resistance.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side have now fallen to seven losses in their last nine games, the club's worst run since the 1960s. Roy Keane was on punditry duty on Sky Sports for the game and afterwards didn't hold back in assessing his former side.

"City were very good but it was an easy night for them," Keane said.

"I reckon they are sitting in the dressing room and they can't believe how comfortable it was. I don't know what happened at half time. United were doing well in the first half but the game is 90 minutes. They came out and City seemed sharper and brighter. Even for the first goal, people not closing him down. We talked about the basics in football, about getting to people. Yes, City have more quality but they couldn't believe how easy it was, in a derby game.

"You've got to put demands on players, and I thought it was an easy night."

In contrast, Gary Neville felt that the Man United players tried their hardest and played as well as they could - something that Keane took issue with in a feisty exchange.

"I think United played a decent game," Neville said.

"I think that's as good as United have got."

Keane then interjected and said that Man United had only one shot on target at home, as Neville continued his defence.

"That’s that team. What we saw there tonight between Manchester United and Manchester City was the gulf in class between the two teams," he added.

"I don’t think I looked at any player United had on that pitch and thought they could have given more. They could have not made some mistakes, but that’s the best they’ve got."

Keane then came in once again.

"You need to see Fred for the second goal? You are talking about players giving it their all. That's cheating. What he has done is cheating, letting a guy run off him."

Before the game, Keane had ripped into Paul Pogba and claimed he is 'a big problem' in the Manchester United dressing room after watching an interview with the French World Cup winner.

"I wouldn't believe a word he says," Keane said. "There is no meaning behind it and I don't even think he believes what he says any more.

"He spoke about being a good team-mate, but if you are being a good team-mate, you have to run back. You need to set a good example at your football club and he is a senior player, but I don't think he leads by example. My eyes don't lie to me.

"He's a talent, but the real top players make their team-mates better and work for the team, but he doesn't do that. He plays for himself."

Keane was especially passionate when he spoke about the lack of desire in the United dressing room, as he suggested some players lack the mental strength to play for the club.

"There are too many bluffers at this club to get United back to the very top," he said. "These are the same players that threw Mourinho under the bus and they will do the same to Ole. Leopards don't change their spots.

"The fact that we are talking about United trying to finish fourth highlighted that the standards have dropped over the last three or four years on and off the pitch. This will be a big test for Ole, of course it will.

"You can always forgive players for having a bad performance, but if you don’t sprint and close players down then there is going to be huge question marks over you," he stated.

"I'm always intrigued when I hear after games that people will be up for the next game, but I never fall for that. You are supposed to be up be up for every game, whether you play for Man United or Altrincham.

"It's not up to the manager to motivate players. It's up to the players to motivate themselves. The fact that Ole has to talk about it before games and then for a few days after it, he must be hugely embarrassed.

"He needs to get some players in, some proper defenders. I look at Pep Guardiola and he didn't win anything in his first season at Man City, so he told the board he needed to get in some defenders and a goalkeeper. The same with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, he went and bought a goalkeeper and a centre-half.

"This club have been in free-fall for two or three years. How many points are they behind the leaders? In every aspect they are way behind Man City and Liverpool.

"People say they've given Ole the job too early, but they've given it to him and now they have to back him to get some defenders in."


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