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Why Mourinho's marriage to Manchester United is destined for failure, explains Liam Brady

Former Arsenal and Republic of Ireland player Liam Brady.
Former Arsenal and Republic of Ireland player Liam Brady.

By Kevin Palmer

Ireland legend Liam Brady has suggested Jose Mourinho's public outbursts in recent days may be a sign that he wants to leave Manchester United, as he declared he hoped the Portuguese tactician fails at Old Trafford.

Brady's outspoken comments were delivered on Eamon Dunphy's The Stand Podcast, as he reflected on a week that has seen Mourinho belittle United's history, criticise a host of his players and suggest their Champions League exit against Sevilla was not unexpected.

Former Arsenal midfielder Brady argued Mourinho lacks the class required to fill the role of United manager, while his history of winning trophies by using defensive tactics will never be accepted by the club's fans.

"To bring Mourinho in, a manager who has no track record of playing attractive football, was a mistake," stated Brady. "He doesn't fit the history of the club and the likes of Bobby Charlton and Alex Ferguson must have had doubts when the club wanted to take him.

"All you have to do is look at his track record of how he plays football, how difficult he is when he speaks to the media, how he falls out with other managers and insults other managers.

"It was a marriage that was never going to work and I'm not surprised. Actually, I'm happy because I dislike the man intensely. There is no need for him to behave like that.

"It's all about him. When Manchester United win, he thinks he has won the match. When they lose, he says the players haven't listened to me. Crazy stuff."

Brady went on to claim Mourinho is not enjoying life at United, as he highlighted his decision not to buy a house and to live in the Lowry Hotel in the centre of Manchester is a sign of his discontent.

"I'm not sure he has ever been happy living in Manchester," he continued. "From what I hear, he has not found himself a house and he is still living in a hotel. He gets down to London as often as he can.

"I honestly feel that these outbursts are a way of him wanting to get out of the sitution. I'm not too sure he is happy at all at Manchester United."

Brady also offered up some intriguing views on United new-boy Alexis Sanchez, who has struggled to make an impact at in Mourinho's team since his high profile move from Arsenal in January.

Suggesting Sanchez was not popular with his Arsenal team-mates, Brady offered an insight into a player who 'does his own thing' on and off the pitch.

"From the information I have and what I know, Sanchez is not the easiest of characters on a day-to-day basis," suggested Brady, who was still a key member of the Arsenal coaching set-up until 2014.

"He does his own thing and he is not part of the group, but all the other players forgave him for that because when he played for Arsenal he was outstanding in the early part of his career at Arsenal.

"He was an example to the Arsenal players for how hard you need to work in his early days, but going up to Manchester and being on that kind of wage compared to the other lads, you need to do as you are asked and do what the other players do. He has always been a bit of a solo player.

"Maybe he has not settled in Manchester. He may be looking around thinking he should not have gone there."


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