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Mancini: United have won the title


Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini continues to protest his side are out of title contention.

Mancini claims Manchester United will win the Barclays Premier League because they hold all the aces - a five-point lead with five games remaining and a squad superior in experience and mentality. The Italian also insists he is not playing mind games with United, merely stating facts.

He said: "They can't have pressure, United. It is impossible. I think they will just win the title, they don't have pressure. For this [their experience], and because they have five points, it is correct that they think this championship is finished."

He added: "Five points are too much with five games to go."

Nobody at United has expressed belief the title is wrapped up, with manager Sir Alex Ferguson making clear his feeling the race is still on.

United assistant boss Rene Meulensteen has, however, been quoted by a Dutch magazine suggesting United are a more balanced team with better spirit.

Rather than defending his squad, Mancini claims Meulensteen's remarks back up his assertion that United are stronger.

He said: "I agree with him. This is why I say we can't win. They have big experience and a fantastic team. They have everything, we have nothing.

"But I am proud of my players for everything, including our mistakes. We are not on the moon. We are normal, like all normal people we can make mistakes."

On United, he said: "I think they are a perfect team with a fantastic spirit. They are not a team like us that has only players that think for themselves. For this reason, and because they have five points more - we don't have their spirit."