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McCarthy calls for moaning to stop


Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy insisted it was time for everyone to stop "bitching and whingeing" about tackles after his defender Stephen Ward suffered a gashed leg following a challenge by Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas.

The Black Country side have been criticised in some quarters for their approach this season, with Fulham captain Danny Murphy naming Wolves among a trio of clubs whose managers, he claimed, sent their players out too pumped up. However, they were on the receiving end as Arsene Wenger and Fabregas apologised for the Spain midfielder's tackle during Arsenal's 2-0 win at Molineux.

McCarthy said: "Fabregas has gone for the ball. It is one of those when two blokes are running at full tilt and you slide in and he has got a cut on his leg."

He added: "Fabregas has been in to apologise and Wardy has accepted it like a man and I wish everyone would stop whingeing about tackling and complaining.

"It wasn't a bad tackle. I've no problem with it at all. It happens. What I can't do with is everyone bitching at my players and my team when we tackle.

"Just stop whingeing and accept it. Fabregas has been in and Wardy has accepted it and isn't it lovely? I said to Arsene I've no problem with the tackle and I really appreciate the apology."

Wolves fans were incensed by the touchline challenge by Fabregas on Ward, who was immediately substituted.

Wenger said: "I think it was an accidental tackle. That's what Cesc told me. He touched him (Ward) of course but he wanted to play the ball. He went to the dressing room and apologised to the player and he is all right.

"I have not seen the tackle yet but I have just apologised to McCarthy if the player is injured because I didn't know exactly what had happened because the linesman was in my view.

"Cesc says to me it was completely accidental but he still went to see the player to see how badly he was hurt. It doesn't mean he feels guilty."