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McCarthy plays down Barton exchange

Mick McCarthy laughed off complaints from Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton that he had been singled out for rough treatment from Wolves players during the 1-1 draw at Molineux.

Barton was on the receiving end of several committed challenges during a game where 12 players were shown yellow cards by referee Stuart Attwell. He was seen to exchange words with McCarthy near the tunnel at the final whistle, but McCarthy made light of the claims of the former England midfielder.

McCarthy said: "We were only laughing. I think he was complaining about one or two of the tackles. I said to him 'you are hardly a shrinking violet yourself Joey so come on mate'."

He added: "He just said about my team and tackling and I thought there is the kettle calling the pot black if ever I heard it.

"We were laughing about it. It was nothing at all in terms of harsh words. I was laughing at the fact he even said it."

Newcastle boss Chris Hughton praised the composure shown by Barton who appeared to be singled out by Wolves skipper Karl Henry for some robust tackles.

He said: "Did Barton do well to keep his cool? Yes. It was a competitive game, which is one you expect when you come here.

"These are a good honest team and it was a real tough game for us.

"Amongst all that, you've got to keep calm and composed but I think when you are a wholehearted midfield player yourself, you accept that it goes both ways.

"Sometimes it comes out in your favour and sometimes it doesn't."


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