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No hard feelings for Lambert


Paul Lambert enjoyed working alongside top Bundesliga coaches recently

Paul Lambert enjoyed working alongside top Bundesliga coaches recently

Paul Lambert enjoyed working alongside top Bundesliga coaches recently

Paul Lambert has only "good things" to say about Aston Villa, the club he left last month after a disappointing run of games .

The 45-year-old replaced Alex McLeish at the helm of the Premier League club in June 2012 but following a poor run of results, which left Villa in the bottom three, the club parted company with the Scot and later appointed Tim Sherwood as his successor.

He told BBC's Football Focus: "I don't have any bad things about Aston Villa. It's a brilliant football club as everybody knows.

"I came in at really, probably a tough time and obviously when the financial reports came out, their losses are way down now so from that point of view the club is in probably a lot healthier position than when I went there.

"It's a great club with great people at it, and great people left behind.

"There's things when you look back and think 'maybe I should have done that better or different' but I've got nothing but good things (to say) about the club."

Since leaving Villa, Lambert has spent time in Germany with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund working towards his UEFA Pro Licence.

Although he enjoyed his time overseas and said his time spent there "was a great experience", Lambert admitted he had no real plans to take up a managerial role abroad at this moment in time and follow the likes of f ormer Everton and Manchester United boss David Moyes, who is head coach at Real Socieded.

When asked if he fancied managing overseas right now, the former Dortmund midfielder replied: "Not really, I went over there - I've been back in the country for over a week or so now.

"The two clubs (Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich) there I know very well. Germany's been a big part of my life there but spending that time at Dortmund was a great experience and you learn so much, even though you're only there for that week or so to watch them....it was a great, great experience."

Lambert praised the work Jurgen Klopp has done at the German club and admitted working and talking with the Dortmund coach and Bayern's Pep Guardiola was eye-opening.

He added: "(Guardiola) and Jurgen Klopp are probably the best I've seen working. Just the way they can get the best out of people.

"I think meeting with him (Klopp) and Pep Guardiola was a great experience, to sit with them and talk to them.

"With Jurgen, I knew Jurgen from the Pro Licence, but to spend nine days with him was excellent. What you see on TV is what he's like as a guy....eccentric probably. He's a top, top guy and they way you see Borussia Dortmund now is probably due to him."

Lambert, who made 44 appearances playing for Dormund from 1996-1997 and helped them win the Champions League, said: "Even though I'd played there - that was a massive football club - when I went back and watched them it's exploded really, really quickly and Jurgen has been a catalyst of what's happened."