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Pep Guardiola - What he said

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola spoke for 32 minutes at his latest press conference.

Here, Press Association Sport picks out some of the highlights:

Guardiola on whether he should change his methods:

"I think about that, yes, but after that the solution is not better than what I believe. So I cannot. Do you know why? Because in seven years I won 21 titles."

On Aguero:

"When Sergio decides to leave Manchester City, it will be his decision. I appreciate him as a football player and appreciate as a man what he did here."

On Aguero not starting against Barcelona:

"I wanted one midfield player more in the middle. I spoke with Sergio, we talked about that, he was so understanding."

On Kompany:

"Normally Vincent Kompany would be on the bench but he was not fit. When he is fit, he's a real central defender, I like him, but we tried to take care of him. He went to the doctors in Barcelona to say, 'I'm not able to play'."

On criticism of team selection against Barcelona:

"My decision was Sergio Aguero. We lost 4-0. The guilty? I'm guilty. But we win in Barcelona, I'm a genius. (After) the 10 games of victory (people said) we are going to win four titles. Remember that? Now four games without victory. It's part of the process."

On needing time:

"Three months together, you cannot imagine how difficult it is to build something, to create something. Barcelona have been playing that way for 15 years."

On squad harmony:

"I'm not going to have dinner with them, I do not sleep with them, I don't have long conversations about what they believe. But what I feel, they follow me."

On Bravo:

"I knew from the beginning when Claudio made a mistake, he would be on the front page. So the decision was not wrong in that moment but the action... he did not pass good and that can happen. It is a pity."

On Champions League:

"Barcelona is not easy and neither is Germany. We knew that after we dropped two points in Glasgow. I know that we can be out of the Champions League, so it will be tough to go through but we are going to try."

On critics:

"I'm sorry, one of my friends Ronald Koeman said in the press conference (he) never played against a team like Manchester City playing football like this. Sorry, that is the best title."

On four games without a win:

"If I have one game with regret, it is in White Hart Lane, the others we played good in all the games."


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