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Play-acting is in fashion

QPR midfielder Shaun Derry believes play-acting has become par for the course in the Barclays Premier League.

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is one of the league's major players who has been accused of falling dramatically when challenged while Manchester United winger Ashley Young has also had a question mark put next to his name for going down too easily in recent weeks.

But Derry reckons the growing level of play-acting is something that has to be accepted, and he said: "It is very much in fashion at the moment. I think the refs are onto it a bit more now and I'm not too sure it is going to be a major issue."

He added: "It happens, it is part of the game. I really don't think that footballers go out intentionally to get the upper hand on the opponents. What I do believe is that they try and get an advantage for their team and that is part of the game unfortunately, it is not nice to watch at times.

"I've played the majority of my career in the Championship and it doesn't get highlighted as much and you can't get away with it in the Premier League."


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