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Powell sees place for female managers

Great Britain coach Hope Powell sees no reason why a woman should not manage a Barclays Premier League team.

Former Northern Ireland boss Lawrie Sanchez raised the prospect recently, claiming that he expected it to happen "within a decade". Coach of the England women's team since 1998, Powell is the foremost manager among the female fraternity and was linked with the Grimsby job last year.

On the eve of discovering who her side will be paired with in the Olympic Games later this year, the 45-year-old feels the only barriers come from dubious club owners and the intense scrutiny that would attach itself to the first woman manager. She said: "I don't see why it couldn't happen."

She continued: "The job is the same. It is about dealing with personalities and high-profile players, about the coaching and the psychology behind the game. That wouldn't be an issue.

"It is about people who own and run clubs feeling strongly and passionately enough, and believing that a female can do it.

"There would be a lot of focus on the first female. If they do well, it is a good thing, if they don't it would be 'I told you they can't do it'.

"It is not on-pitch stuff. It is the other side that would be a challenge."

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