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Premier League battle of the badges

Some great match-ups here, including birds v lions, foxes v people and a tiger up against a cockerel.


With the Premier League title Chelsea’s and all three relegation spots taken, there aren’t really even any intriguing fixtures on the final day of the Premier League season.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d see whether a battle of the badges came good. It did.

Arsenal v Everton


A cannon up against a tower? Pretty straightforward stuff – this one goes to the Arsenal, no question.

Burnley v West Ham


West Ham’s fortress looks strong and well protected, but WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON WITH BURNLEY?

There’s a goose holding an egg, a lion below, two bees the size of a hand (handily provided for scale we presume) and a couple of diamonds. It’s like something out of a 1980s video game, and it’s the winner.

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Chelsea v Sunderland


Chelsea have one lion, Sunderland have two – a Black Cats victory all day long.

Hull City v Tottenham


Hull’s tiger is apparently 113 years old according to his date of birth on the crest, and we reckon that experience will come in handy when up against a cockerel balancing precariously on a ball.

Leicester City v Bournemouth


A really close contest, this one. Leicester’s fox appears to be in bloom, while Bournemouth’s human heading a football looks like something off a particularly edgy album cover. It’s a stalemate.

Liverpool v Middlesbrough


Usually we’d fancy the lion over the liver bird, but the bird has fire defences, and we’ve heard Middlesbrough are a bit toothless, so we imagine the lion would be as well. It’s a Liverpool win!

Manchester United v Crystal Palace


A giant devil stood under a ship, or a giant eagle perched atop a vast building? This has tie written all over it.

Southampton v Stoke City


Southampton’s crest is a thing of beauty is it not? We’ve got a flower, a tree in some water, a football up top, and a wonderful ribbon/scarf.

Stoke have got some stripes. It’s a Saints win.

Swansea City v West Brom


Swan v throstle? That’s a six-pointer if ever we saw one.

Well, a swan can break your arm so we hear – it’s a big win for the swan!

Watford v Manchester City


And last but certainly not least, it’s the battle you’ve all been waiting for: stag v boat.

Well in comparison, the stag is huge when put next to the boat, which appears nothing more than a model in a bottle perhaps – three points for the stag we say!

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