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Pulis looks to move on

Tony Pulis

Stoke manager Tony Pulis believes his proposed referee league table is a constructive solution to potential problems - but now intends to leave officials alone.

Pulis has received plenty of coverage this week after calling for a radical overhaul of the referee assessment procedure, which would include the introduction of a promotion and relegation system for the men in black.

"I have said what I have had to say about referees - I don't want to talk about referees anymore," said Pulis at a press conference on Thursday.

"I think what I said was constructive - I think there should be a way where they have some responsibility and they are accountable.

"That is all I am saying, that is what I want. We are all accountable for things and they should be as well. But that's it, finished now.

"I thought the referee was smashing (on Tuesday), not a problem at all. What has happened has happened and we have to move on.

"We have got an important game against Liverpool on Saturday. All my energies and thoughts are on that game."

Pulis says he takes no particular satisfaction from the headlines his suggestions have created or the debate they have prompted.

"Not at all," said the Welshman. "We have to find a way where referees are accountable, that is all I am saying.

"I'm saying the bottom three referees would be relegated, but then you'd know who the best referees are as well. What a great thing that would be."