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Red Knights bid won’t be enough for Manchester United owners

The Glazer family are destined to be the owners of Manchester United for the foreseeable future, with a deepening sense taking hold last night that the Red Knights' bid to take over the club is doomed to fail.

The complex process of signing up high net worth ‘knights' to contracts, legally binding them into a takeover offer, is ongoing and some kind of bid will be tabled, but even the most staunch supporters of the movement are resigned to the fact that their offer will not be large enough to dislodge the Americans.

The Red Knights will not offer more than £1bn and given that the Glazers' PR offensive has elicited the suggestion that an as-yet unnamed buyer offered £1.5bn but was turned down, it will simply not be enough.

The only remaining hope is that United fans will refuse to renew their season tickets, unnerving the Glazers into accepting an offer.

To this end, the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) issued its own pleas for fans to delay renewal on Tuesday night.

A bid might be tabled as early as June 11 to generate the publicity to boost the boycott.

Speaking in the United States, where the club are promoting their pre-season tour, United chief executive David Gill said: “There haven't been any boycotts. Every game at Manchester United has been sold out.

“Our season ticket sales and renewals for the upcoming season are on track with previous years.

“There will always be factions that are unhappy with it or want to change it but the reality of it is the Glazer family have owned the club for those five years, they own it 100 percent.

“They've been good owners and they've pushed the club forward in many areas, as we've discussed, and that won't change.

“We understand protests, we understand the people's right to protest but if the owner of the house doesn't want to sell it, it's not for sale.”

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