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Redknapp dismisses Comolli claims

Harry Redknapp has laughed off Damien Comolli's claims he is partly responsible for Tottenham's recent successes.

Former Spurs director of football Comolli, who this month was named director of football strategy at Liverpool, has repeatedly attempted to take some of the credit for the north Londoners' revival since Redknapp's appointment as manager two years ago when the were club bottom of the Premier League.

Asked if Comolli should take any credit for Tottenham's success, Redknapp said with tongue firmly in cheek: "Yeah, I think he should take all the credit, for sure. They were all doing well when I arrived, you know? They were all good; they were all great."

He added: "He brought an awful lot of players in - a lot have gone, a lot are still here that were very good."

As well as being irked at Comolli's attempts to steal his thunder, Redknapp has another reason to take issue with Liverpool's new recruitment tsar, who made one of his first pieces of business the acquisition of Spurs' scout in France, Steve Hitchin.

"He's nicked him off us," Redknapp said.

"He was really good, an English boy who lived in France.

"We liked him a lot. He would have been our main scout abroad.

"What can you do? It's his life, the boy, and he's obviously got a better deal and decided he was going to move on."


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