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Reds upset as Suarez found guilty

Liverpool are on a collision course with the Football Association after directly challenging the governing body over their handling of Luis Suarez's racism charge.

The Uruguay international was on Tuesday night given an eight-match ban and £40,000 fine after an independent regulatory commission found him guilty of abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

"It appears to us that the FA were determined to bring charges against Luis Suarez, even before interviewing him at the beginning of November," said a club statement.

"Nothing we have heard in the course of the hearing has changed our view that Luis Suarez is innocent of the charges brought against him and we will provide Luis with whatever support he now needs to clear his name.

"We would also like to know when the FA intend to charge Patrice Evra with making abusive remarks to an opponent after he admitted himself in his evidence to insulting Luis Suarez in Spanish in the most objectionable of terms."

Liverpool, who are awaiting the written verdict with interest, will almost certainly appeal within the 14 days they have to do so and Suarez's punishment has been suspended until that decision has been made.

Suarez himself spoke on Tuesday night through Twitter, saying: "Today is a very difficult and painful day for both me and my family. Thanks for all the support, I'll keep working.

"I'm upset by the accusations of racism. I can only say that I have always respected and respect everybody."

His manager Kenny Dalglish also used the social networking site to say: "Very disappointed with today's verdict. This is the time when @luis16suarez needs our full support. Let's not let him walk alone. KD."


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