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Riots trouble Spurs star Gomes

Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes admits he has been concerned by the rioting which has hit London.

The violent scenes and looting appear to have at last been quelled by a large police presence in the capital. But the disturbances which began in the Tottenham area on Saturday were followed by similar scenes in cities including Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Gomes, based in Chigwell, has stayed away from the affected areas, and told Brazilian football website "We have not seen anything yet, because our neighbourhood is quieter, but people are very scared. We are advised to stay at home."

He added: "The training ground is located two minutes from my house and I drive. None of the players I spoke to with the club had problems. The club only asked us to be careful."

He explained how he has spoken to Chelsea players David Luiz and Alex, both fellow Brazilians, about the disorder.

"We talk to know what's going on. The subject is usually the fact that people think that this only happens in Brazil, these episodes of violence, they think they are safe in England," Gomes said.

"But the truth is that you are not relaxed anywhere in the world anymore."


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