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Syed: I can turn Blackburn around

Prospective Blackburn owner Ahsan Ali Syed has invited sceptics to carry out their own "due diligence" on him as he closes in on a takeover of the Barclays Premier League club.

Syed's representatives were at Ewood Park on Monday to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the club's trustees, securing an exclusive four-week period to inspect Blackburn's accounts.

"The evidence of my funds is public as are my capabilities and what I can do," Syed told The Sport Briefing from Bahrain, where his company Western Gulf Advisory is based.

"I'd like the fans to consider me as one of you and not to consider me as the owner. Accept me in your fan club.

"I will not let Blackburn Rovers go on a rollercoaster ride - my liquidity is solid.

"For a club, liquidity is not the oxygen, but the support and fans are the oxygen. I want the fans to trust in me, believe in me and do due diligence on me.

"I've turned around a lot of businesses. Give me a chance to turn around Blackburn Rovers."

Blackburn, who won the Premier League in 1995, have struggled to challenge at the top of the division since the death of owner Jack Walker in 2000.

Walker left Blackburn in the hands of trustees who, along with investment bank Rothschild, have been searching for an appropriate buyer for the club for the past three years.

"Blackburn fits my investment philosophy," Syed added. "I have been investing in good, but undervalued and distressed assets for 14 years now, and I have a good track record of turning around businesses. My team put a lot of clubs on my desk, but the only club that attracted my attention was Blackburn Rovers.


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