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Tony Pulis warns James McClean to ditch his controversial tag

By Staff Reporter

Tony Pulis has warned James McClean he must protect his reputation after his snub of the English flag.

McClean refused to face the cross of St George during the national anthem while on Albion's pre-season tour of America.

The winger, who was signed from Wigan this summer, is from a republican background in Northern Ireland and has also refused to wear a Remembrance Day poppy out of respect for people killed on Bloody Sunday.

McClean has won 27 international caps since opting to represent the Republic of Ireland over Northern Ireland.

"Obviously there has been a stigma around him and he doesn't need to start that up again," said Pulis.

"So hopefully we've nipped it in the bud and we can get on with our things and he can get on with his things.

"I didn't see the situation but I had a chat with him and explained what we do as a football club and the way we are.

"We've got Northern Ireland lads in the squad and he's been fantastic with them, the way he's mixed and integrated with the group has been brilliant.

"I've seen the pictures and he's got to turn towards the flag like everybody else has and he recognises that."

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