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Torres: I had to follow ambitions


Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres has pinned the blame for his departure from Liverpool squarely on the shoulders of Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Torres claims the club's ousted owners are responsible for what was their worst start to a league season for more than half a century following "two years" of broken promises. The striker believes the new regime at Liverpool will revive fortunes, but admits he was not prepared to hang around and wait for the Reds to become major contenders once again.

Expressing his discontent about Liverpool's "old owners", Torres added: "I think when the new owner, John Henry, came and brought his team with him, the club was moving in the right direction. "

He continued: "They have ambition and they know how to do things and go back to the way they were. It is my opinion, though, that they need time for that. Maybe they will need the time while I'm at my best age to play football.

"I explained my situation, my feelings, and was honest with everyone. I told everyone, face to face, my feelings and that I wanted to leave for Chelsea. They didn't hear that in the press. They heard it from me. That was maybe 10 or 12 days before the window closed."

Explaining why he chose Chelsea, Torres said: "When you have a chance of playing for a team in the Champions League, who have a chance to win the Champions League, and if you are the right age to do that and compete with the best, you have to do that."

The Spain striker insists it has not even entered his mind to ask to sit out Sunday's Barclays Premier League clash with his former club, although he has vowed not to celebrate if he scores.

He added: "Maybe it's too soon to ask for a good reception. I'm not expecting that. But it would be a surprise for me if I get a very bad reception."

The arrival of Torres and David Luiz for a combined £75million has sparked reports Chelsea may sell the likes of Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda this summer.

But manager Carlo Ancelotti said: "We don't want to sell. We don't need to sell players."