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Torres in hot water over interview

Fernando Torres is being quizzed by Chelsea over an interview in which he appeared to criticise his own team-mates.

Torres spoke to the official website of Spain's Primera Liga last week, with an English translation later appearing on the striker's personal website. Torres, who has endured a miserable run in front of goal since his £50million move from Liverpool, was quoted as branding Chelsea's "older" players as "very slow", and hailing Juan Mata as a necessary signing.

Manager Andre Villas-Boas sought an explanation from Torres, who claimed his words were not translated accurately on his own website and Chelsea are seeking to obtain a copy of the interview in its original Spanish. Villas-Boas said: "We are going in-depth to regain the tape of that interview. We'll see if things play exactly as they are in that interview."

The interview was authorised by Chelsea, otherwise Torres would have been facing a fine.

Asked what action would be taken if the translation proved accurate, the Blues boss said: "We'd just talk. Just talk. To share opinion. If it was unauthorised, I'd fine him. Of course."

He added: "Anyhow, it's one player's perspective. I don't think it's a perspective that the manager shares. I don't have to share my players' ideas sometimes.

"I think we have competence, apart from the 'age problem', which for me is not a problem. Maybe we just have to speak about that situation and he has to see our view as well."

Meanwhile, Villas-Boas denies he has inherited a Chelsea squad so scarred by their Champions League failures that they were further away than ever from winning club football's ultimate prize.

Villas-Boas, who will be making his managerial debut in the competition on Tuesday, said: "I don't think there's a mental block. There's some kind of unpredictability that can take you all the way to the final sometimes. Other times it doesn't.

"It's not just Chelsea as a top European club who haven't won it. Our time will eventually come. We just have to focus on making it one of our objectives, as it has been for the past few seasons."


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