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Two big Manchester clubs - Mancini

Roberto Mancini has warned Manchester United that their city is now home to two of Europe's top clubs.

The Manchester City boss has told United they will have to make room for their neighbours on the highest platform. The rivalry between the two clubs has reached a new level of intensity because of City's dramatic Abu Dhabi-funded rise to become serious title challengers.

Mancini feels they are already up with the continent's best, and he said: "Manchester City is now a top club in Europe. We don't have a big history like United but at the moment every player wants to come to Manchester City. This is important for the club and also for the city. For Manchester it is important to have two big squads."

He added: "Manchester United are the last team to win the Barclays Premier League and Chelsea are a strong team, but we are very close to these two teams."

Mancini has no doubt his side will be competing for the biggest prizes this season.

He added: "It is important now - we have started well - that we continue to play well, to score and win games.

"It is clear that when we start the Champions League it will be very difficult, every game will be tough, but now I think we have players used to playing in the Champions League, and they know the situation.

"Only one team wins the Barclays Premier League, one the Champions League. But we want to do this if possible.

"The season will be very long but we want to improve on last year. I think we have a big chance. I think we need to want this, but I think we can do it."


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