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Vieira keen for Mario move

Manchester City midfielder Patrick Vieira has no concerns about Mario Balotelli's temperament as the club close in on signing the Inter Milan striker.

The teenager, who turns 20 on Thursday, has earned himself a troublesome reputation after enduring a difficult relationship with manager Jose Mourinho before he left for Real Madrid. However, Vieira, who played with Balotelli at the San Siro, has welcomed the addition of more characters to the City dressing room.

"He is a really exciting player. There is no doubt about his qualities as a football player - he is young and talented and that is really good for the future as well," said Vieira.

"He is similar to Craig and Carlos. Players have their own temperament, and their own way of behaving, but what is important is that everything a player has to do, he does it for the football club.

"He hasn't signed for us yet but he is a young talented player who enjoys his game.

"He is a good goalscorer who makes scoring goals look easy. He doesn't need five chances to score a goal."


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