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Villa will wear Kick It Out shirts

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert insists his players will wear "Kick It Out" shirts in support of the anti-racism campaign.

Lambert claimed reports that the black players at Villa would not back the campaign because of the lack of action by the governing bodies against racism were inaccurate.

Reading striker Jason Roberts has already confirmed he will not don the shirt. But when asked if his players would wear Kick It Out shirts, Lambert said: "Absolutely, yes. I don't see any issue with that at all. The lads will go and do it."

He continued: "Contrary to some reports saying they weren't going to do it, that is totally misinformed and I'm not happy with that. But the lads won't have a problem with it. Is that a definite? As far as I'm concerned, the lads will back it, and quite rightly so."

Lambert has urged FIFA and UEFA to take action against anyone guilty of racism.

He said: "There is no place for racism, none whatsoever in any walk of life. It's disgusting really that it keeps going on. You keep hearing the same argument that FIFA and UEFA need to do something.

"You've got to do something now. There is no point in talking about it."

Lambert added: "I've heard the argument that players should not be put through it.

"I've heard that argument and it is a real valid point that you should bring your players off (during a game).

"It can affect individuals. It is wrong and disgusting really."


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