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Watch: Vincent Kompany gives impassioned speech at Manchester wine bar to celebrate Premier League title win

By Kevin Palmer

Manchester City's newly crowned Premier League champions started their title celebrations in earnest on Sunday night as they gathered in a Manchester pub to toast the moment with joyous supporters.

Manchester United's home defeat against West Bromwich Albion ensured Pep Guardiola's City were crowned as champions, with their impressive win against Tottenham on Saturday night enough to push them over the finishing line in a one-sided title race.

Kompany was joined by Bernardo Silva, John Stones, Fabian Delph and Kyle Walker joined the skipper at a packed Hale Wine Bar, where the players were seen belting out Oasis' Wonderwall and being serenaded by supporters expressing their delight and gratitude.

Kompany made a speech to mark the moment, as he and and his team-mates posed for photos as they left the venue at 10.30pm, leaving to a chorus of 'campiones, ole, ole, ole'.

SOCCER M (249).jpg
Manchester City players including Vincent Kompany, John Stones, Bernardo Silva, Fabian Delph and Kyle Walker celebrate winning the Premier League at the Hale Wine Bar, Manchester.

Manchester City had earlier released a video of Kompany watching the moment City won the title at the home of his partner's Mum, with one glum Manchester United fan quick to congratulate the Belgian defender in his moment of joy.

"It just shows how football is lived in Manchester – we've got Reds in the family we've got Blues in the family,” he said.

“Today was a day for the Blues – there have been many days for the Reds before, and ultimately it's banter.

“He's a better loser than a winner, I have got to be honest! He was gracious about it and, to be honest, happy for the family. It was a great day.”

Kompany gave his thoughts to Sky Sports on City's title triumph, as he celebrated his third Premier League win with the club.

"It's the same feeling as the first time, you can't describe it," he said. "The first time you win it, you think you're going to win all of them, the first time you lose you think you're never going to win it again so we want to hold on to this feeling.

"You can't take it for granted, before you know it it's gone. I've been lucky to win three but so many I've missed as well.

"Today I'm happy, I suppose my team-mates will roll their eyes a bit when I say this but I've never been able to retain a title and I want see if this team's got it to carry on and be even more successful.

"It differs (to previous titles) in the fact we were consistent the whole season. The previous ones we nearly threw it away, I've seen many teams win it as champions for the whole season but in our case it's the first time."

Kompany added: "The favourite one has to be the first one, it's like carrying a massive rock on your back and you get rid of it. This one is the one I'm proud about in the way we've done it, but the first one was special for everyone.

"I may be the first one that's already thinking about next season but I want to stay humble. It's not a dynasty, it's one title - we're super happy but there's so much work to be done."

City's players were not together to watch United's game, with the title-clinching result a major shock to most onlookers.

But Kompany said: "I had that feeling when I woke up this morning but I don't like to wait and see a team lose, so it's a different kind of experience today.

"As (West Brom) got stuck into the game you got the feeling 'something could happen here', and a set-piece, a wonderful goal from Rodriguez - thank you! - it's a great feeling."


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