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Wenger: United can go unbeaten

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes Manchester United could emulate his 'Invincibles' of seven seasons ago by completing a Premier League season unbeaten.

Wenger does not challenge the theory that United have been "a bit lucky" so far, and he suspects United will not be thinking about matching the Gunners' achievement quite yet.

Wenger said, according to The Guardian: "Do you ask me can they still do it? Certainly, because they have not been beaten yet. Have they been a bit lucky until now? Certainly, but we'll see. I don't know more than you."

He added: "You really think about winning the championship but with five games to go, you think about: 'Oh, we can add something to that'. That's what happened with us. But you don't think about that with 16 games to go."

United will have 16 games to play after their tussle with Birmingham on Saturday while Arsenal, currently two points off the leaders' pace, will have 15 remaining after their game against Wigan at the Emirates Stadium.

Wenger said: "What is important is to beat Man United and we will only have the chance, with the run that they are on, if we do exceptionally well until the end of the season.

"So I focus more on that, knowing that they have a difficult schedule as well. If they have five games to go and they are still unbeaten, come back to me and I'll say 'Now, they can do it'."


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