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West Brom confirm Pulis job safe after High Court ruling to pay Palace £3.7m

Tony Pulis' job as West Brom boss is safe despite the High Court ruling he must pay former club Crystal Palace £3.7million.

The 58-year-old must also pay costs and interest on the fine which comes from him walking out on the Eagles in 2014.

Pulis quit Selhurst Park in August 2014 after receiving a £2million bonus but Palace complained he had deceived them into paying it early and Judge Sir Michael Burton ruled against him after a hearing in London last month.

Arbitrators concluded "By any standards his conduct (prior to and during the litigation) has been shown to be disgraceful" b ut Baggies owner Guochaun Lai has given assurances to chairman John Williams about Pulis.

Pulis, who signed a new deal until 2018 last month, said: "The Chinese owners have spoken to John about it and they've told John: 'Tell Tony just get on with the job' and do what he's doing."

"They've known about this since it started so they've been kept well in touch.

"Yeah they do (know his side) and they've been fantastic, absolutely fantastic. I'm really, really disappointed. Like I say at the moment I can't say what I really want to say but there will come a time when I will be able to."

D etails emerged in a written ruling published on Monday with a rbitrators saying Pulis had not been committed to Palace when he quit in August 2014. The West Brom manager denied the claims.

The judge said the tribunal analysed evidence after Palace bosses complained about the way Pulis left the club after he kept them in the Premier League in 2013-14.

Pulis had a contract which included a £2million bonus if he kept Palace in the Premier League and stayed in the manager's job until August 31 2014, but he walked out of the club on August 14.

The Eagles complained Pulis had deceived them by saying he was "committed" to the club and "urgently needed the money early" so he could buy some land for his children.

But despite the ruling Pulis, ahead of Albion's home game with Watford in the Premier League on Saturday, said he was focused.

He said: "I've never been away from the football. As a person I've always been able to put family matters, personal matters to one side and focus on the job in hand."


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