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You can't buy success - Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson expects Manchester City to carry on spending until they realise money alone cannot guarantee success.

After keeping his counsel on the big-spending Blues for most of the summer, Ferguson chose the day City unveiled their latest big-money signing, Mario Balotelli, and confirmed James Milner was having a medical, to make his feelings known.

"The kind of spending we are seeing at the moment will be here for two or three years, until such time as they understand you can't necessarily achieve all the time by spending," said the Manchester United boss.

The Manchester United manager was careful not to mention City by name, nor any of their players, including Yaya Toure, who is said to be costing the Eastlands outfit a staggering £220,000-a-week.

But, as he uttered the words, it took no time at all to work out who he might mean.

"Over the last two or three years we have seen very wealthy owners become part of football clubs and therefore go on this kamikaze effort to spend their money," he said.

"It is amazing the amounts of money that are being bandied about in the present day game.

"Some people may think it could be dangerous. But if they have that kind of money, they are certainly using it."


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