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Roy Keane and Sir Alex Ferguson stuck on same plane in first reunion since their infamous autobiographies


Sir Alex Ferguson, left, and Roy Keane, right, have been urged to make the peace

Sir Alex Ferguson, left, and Roy Keane, right, have been urged to make the peace

Sir Alex Ferguson, left, and Roy Keane, right, have been urged to make the peace

They once formed one of the most fearsome manager-captain partnerships, but their relationship is now exactly how Roy Keane described it last year... non-existent.

The pair met for the first time since the release of their autobiographies in the early hours of this morning on a flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Manchester.

Alex Ferguson was in France with his wife Cathy in his capacity as a UEFA ambassador while Keane, accompanied by Paul Scholes, was returning from punditry duty at Chelsea's clash with Paris-Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

Keane had accused Ferguson of telling “lies, basic lies” about him in his latest book but in an interview with FourFourTwo magazine had admitted that he would be willing to sit down with the Scot if he apologised.

Flight AF1068 this morning afforded both men the chance to bury the hatchet but according to Daniel Taylor in the Guardian, the chance was missed.

"Instead, it is fair to say there was a distinct lack of entente cordiale as the two men crossed paths for the first time since using their latest autobiographies as a form of artillery to shoot one another down. On one side, Keane sat impassively by the window," Taylor wrote.

"On the other side, Ferguson was three rows back. Two men who once had so much in common but who now give the impression they would rather not share one another’s oxygen.

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"The plane had not even taken off before another passenger was speculating whether the flight might have to be diverted due to air-rage."

Keane was the last person to board to plane according to the report.

"As the Irishman took his seat, Cathy gave her husband a nudge. Ferguson took one look, narrowed his eyes and then lifted up his newspaper to continue reading the sports pages," he continued.

"That newspaper was a handy shield over the next hour or so in the air."

Keane reportedly left the plane first on landing and the pair never spoke.

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