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RTE is in trouble: Eamon Dunphy slams broadcaster after ending 40 year career

Eamon Dunphy has criticised RTE, saying the national broadcaster has "lost its nerve" and is "living in fear of keyboard warriors on Twitter and Facebook".

The outspoken pundit announced yesterday that he is to leave the station after 40 years of service and concentrate on his podcast, The Stand.

In his column in today's Irish Daily Star, Dunphy went into detail about his reasons for leaving RTE.

"RTE Sport has lost its nerve and, when that happens, you're in trouble," Dunphy wrote.

"RTE is a very different place now. It's a place that lives in fear of keyboard warriors on Twitter or Facebook."

Dunphy says there has been a culture shift at the station since fellow pundit and friend John Giles departed, adding that he feels Giles was badly treated at the time.

He also namechecked former heads of sport at RTE who showed "bravery" and helped the football panel - led by himself and Giles - become the best around, "kicking the arses of BBC and ITV".

But Dunphy is fearful that the station is in decline, with TV3 now "hoovering up soccer rights with a stronger panel".

Last week, new Head of Sport at RTE Declan McBennett insisted he would "not tolerate personalised attacks on players or managers" from pundits in a wide-ranging interview with Gaelic Life.

Dunphy said he read the interview "with great interest".

"This makes me worry about the direction RTE Sport is going down," added Dunphy.

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