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Celtic and Kilmarnock managers should have squabbles in private

Stephen Craigan

By Stephen Craigan

Lenny v Kenny sounds more like a boxing match than two SPL managers squabbling in the Scottish media about who should be the Player and Manager of the Year.

Just when you think Scottish football doesn't need to seek any more negative headlines two Northern Irishmen, Neil Lennon and Kenny Shiels, have become embroiled in a debate that really should be kept behind closed doors.

Lennon took offence to Shiels' criticism of calling Celtic 'Paranoia FC' after the Parkhead manager's comments but Lennon has hit back, as expected. He has claimed Shiels is the 'David Brent' of the game over here and is an unconscious comedian who has a big grudge against his club and Lennon in particular.

From the outside looking in it is great reading and has given great amusement to many. Now we all wait with bated breath for Shiels' reply, which I've no doubt will come!

Kenny has certainly livened up the game in the SPL and is a reporter's dream because he is so open and honest as he puts it.

Managers are usually very reserved when it comes to discussing contentious issues about players, other managers or even disputed decisions, but Kenny is the exception.

A lot of the time he's telling the truth and says what everyone else is thinking so he's not doing anything wrong.

In the past he has claimed other SPL managers are egotistical and he's also confessed to being a wind-up merchant, but people still take him on and respond to him, which is what he sets out to do.

One thing is for sure neither manager will change their ways nor opinions and are very stubborn so don't expect any backing down. I love the passion and desire both of them have but maybe now and again they should take a step back and count to 10, as opposed to letting everyone know everything they are thinking.

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