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Brendan Rodgers: Family members still blank me because of my Celtic exit



Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers


Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers claims he has been shunned by some family members because he walked out on Celtic.

The Carnlough man went from hero to villain in the eyes of many Hoops fans when he left Glasgow for Leicester in February last year. And the 47-year-old has revealed some in that number include his own relatives.

"I had family who were just distraught, just couldn't believe it," said Rodgers.

Rodgers said: “I have relations that haven’t spoken to me since the day I left Celtic. Because it meant so much to them. And if you carry on like that too much, you’ll never do anything.

“But I had some unforgettable memories at Celtic that will live with me for a lifetime, that I still think about now and I then came into my next experience.

“I left school with nothing. No qualifications, no nothing. My life has been based on experiences, hence the reason why I look for the experiences. And this, I felt, from a sporting perspective was going to be the next good experience.”

Celtic went on to clinch a third consecutive domestic treble under Neil Lennon in the months after Rodgers left and he insists he would not have left if they were not in such a good position.

“I felt at the time I left Celtic, the team was eight points clear,” he added. “And when you think of all the seasons up until that point, Celtic had always won the league by double figures. My previous season, we won by 30 points.

“We had won the League Cup, eight points clear, and the team is in a good position in the Scottish Cup as well. If it was one point, I couldn’t leave.”

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