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Damien Duff slams 'f**king dinosaurs' in GAA after snub to Liam Miller tribute


Damien Duff
Damien Duff
David Kelly

By David Kelly

Damien Duff has blasted GAA authorities for their refusal to allow the staging of a charity match to support the bereaved family of former Republic of Ireland team-mate Liam Miller.

And he insists that even if they relent at the eleventh hour, the officials responsible should still "hang their heads in shame" after the inordinate delay which is believed to have caused added grief to the Miller family.

"They've come out of it looking horrific," said Duff, who is slated to participate in the event which, as it stands, is due to be held at Turners Cross in Cork, in front of 7,000 people, after permission was denied to use Pairc Ui Chaoimh, which can hold 45,000.

The GAA stressed that only a motion to the next Congress can over-ride its current refusal to stage the event there.

"To brush it aside and leave it for an AGM, it's a load of rubbish. It's people in suits who are absolute dinosaurs," said Duff.

"It's a disgrace to say you can't open your gates for an amazing occasion for people from all walks of life to help a family.

"If you strip it all back, a young man was taken way too early and this is to help a young bereft family.

"To deny them because of a rule at the bottom of a book really p***** me off. They should hang their heads in shame. And whatever they say now, they'll still come out of it looking like f****** dinosaurs."

The organisers of the charity game are due to hold talks with the GAA today to discuss issues surrounding the event.

The GAA are believed to be worried about setting a precedent.

Cork lord mayor Mick Finn yesterday said he was confident the venue would be changed.

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