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Neil Lennon speaks out on Celtic player's quarantine row


Celtic boss Neil Lennon

Celtic boss Neil Lennon

Celtic boss Neil Lennon

Celtic boss Neil Lennon has expressed disappointment at the Parkhead club being charged after player Boli Bolingoli breached coronavirus protocols.

Celtic face disciplinary proceedings at the hands of the Scottish Professional Football League after the Hoops defender played against Kilmarnock despite not quarantining after a secret trip to Spain.

Bolingoli will also face disciplinary procedures by the Scottish Football Association, while Aberdeen and eight of their players will also face charges for breaching guidelines.

Asked how he felt about the club being charged for Bolingoli's transgression, Lurgan native Lennon said: "Disappointed for the club. I think we have been at the forefront of getting the game up and running.

"All the procedures, all the protocols, and it is down to the actions of one individual really.

"But we will hold our hands up, if we are accountable, we will have to accept that, take it and move on.

"What we don't want is the game to shut down again or any sort of mishaps, if you want to call it that.

"Two clubs, Aberdeen and ourselves, embroiled in this.

"I think it is unfortunate from my point of view as a manager, the majority of the players here and the staff and people at the club have worked really hard, tirelessly, so we will try to set the highest standards we can."

On the future of Bolingoli, Lennon stated that there had been "no conclusion as of yet but there will be". Celtic had two matches postponed as a result of the Belgian's actions.

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