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Green will wreck Rangers

Charles Green has never been a man who will hold back when it comes to releasing hard hitting statements but this week topped the lot for me when he criticised the current Rangers team as the worst in the club's history.

That's just what the players and manager Ally McCoist needed to hear from their chief executive! I'm sure it didn't do much for morale in the dressing room ahead of their shock defeat to lowly Annan Athletic on Saturday.

Effectively what he's done is criticise his manager and coaching staff in public which I'm not sure is the correct way to run a football club.

If I was Ally McCoist I'd be asking serious questions as to his motives and why he feels the need to make such a statement.

Relationships are built on trust and transparency and it would seem there could be problems looming at Ibrox.

In a week when their long-time rivals Celtic were losing to Juventus in the Champions League you can't help but think once again Green was seeking attention and the spotlight.

Agreed, some of McCoist's signings still have a lot to prove, Emilson Cribari, Ian Black and Francisco Sandaza to name a few but surely criticising up and coming young players isn't a clever piece of ownership.

A lot of his remarks initially were to get the Ibrox faithful onside, to buy into his stewardship and it worked.

He was seen as one of them and was accusing and blaming everyone else for many of the problems Rangers faced and punishments they endured. The Rangers fans felt he was saying what they thought.

However enough is enough as far as I'm concerned and I'm becoming a bit bored of his continual outbursts. He should focus all his energies in getting Rangers back to the top flight of Scottish football and leave the limelight alone.

Last week Green also said he would be delighted to be the man to lead Rangers into the English leagues.

He's confident that the law can't stop Scottish clubs playing in England as Welsh clubs are currently doing it, but the problem has been and remains do English clubs want them?

It got me thinking what sort of impact it would have on the game over here if Rangers did ever leave and Celtic followed suit.

No doubt it would make for a more competitive league which would be good from a neutral point of view and I know a lot of fans from other Scottish clubs would love to see both sides go but I'm afraid it would be the beginning of the end for Scottish football.

If clubs are struggling financially at the moment that concern would only heighten as TV companies would have no interest in broadcasting the games without the Old Firm and all the media attention would simply follow the big two to whichever league they went to play in.

Prize money within the league would also diminish so from an objective view I can't see how one or both Old Firm sides leaving Scotland would be a good thing.

There is a lot of resentment towards the Old Firm from other clubs' fans due to the financial clout and governing power they have over the game here in Scotland but the global interest in both clubs brings in money that wouldn't be around otherwise.

For Charles Green and Peter Lawwell, Celtic's chief executive, they must look on with envy at the riches on offer in the English Premier League and would no doubt love a piece of it but I feel their rightful place is in the SPL though I'm sure Charles Green would disagree. He always does!

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