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Lenny's composure seeping down through Hoops


Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Celtic manager Neil Lennon

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Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Watching Celtic play in recent weeks, they have shown a great level of calmness and composure in pressure situations.

I think a lot of that is down to Neil Lennon and it epitomises the change in his approach.

He has previously admitted that he wanted to take on the world when he burst onto the scene as Celtic manager in 2010.

That's understandable when you get the chance to manage your boyhood club, you want to show passion but at times it unfairly clouded people's judgment when assessing his achievements.

After managing Bolton and Hibernian, Lennon's return to the Hoops has heralded a more reserved manager and someone in control of their emotions.

Sometimes a manager jumping up and down continually on the sidelines and waving his arms can have an adverse effect on players. It can send on the message of panic and discontent, which can give players negative thoughts and can impact decision-making.

Lennon has left the past behind and looks a more assured figure this season.

He still has the fire in his belly; he'll never lose that.

His past experiences, however, have made him take a step back in certain situations and look at them rationally rather than emotionally. The reward is he looks like he's enjoying the job and his players are certainly responding to his new-found tactic.

I'm sure that somewhere inside, however, he still has that aeroplane celebration!

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