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No corruption in Scottish football, says Hibs' Lennon

By Staff Reporter

Hibernian boss Neil Lennon insists there is no "bung culture" in Scottish football but says he was aware of a problem during his time in England.

Investigations by the Daily Telegraph newspaper have revealed several cases of alleged fraud in English football.

"It's high time that it's been exposed," said Lennon, who left Bolton in March after 17 months as manager.

"People are taking money out of the game and it leaves a really bitter taste."

Sam Allardyce lasted 67 days as England manager, with the Telegraph filming him apparently offering undercover reporters posing as businessmen advice on how to "get around" transfer rules.

Barnsley assistant manager Tommy Wright has been sacked for allegedly accepting money in return for trying to persuade the Championship club to sign certain players. And former Scotland striker Eric Black, the assistant manager at Southampton, is denying claims he gave undercover reporters advice on how to bribe officials at other clubs.

"It's not just managers or assistant managers, it's people that you don't see in the public eye," explained Lennon.

"These people are doing deals that they shouldn't be doing and walking away with thousands; millions of pounds at times.

"I feel a bit of sympathy for Sam, but it's time this was stopped. If you break the rules, it will eventually catch up with you. You hear whispers from players and managers and agents.

"There have been rumours for a long time about other people. It's these unlicensed agents that are making money through third-party ownership, doing deals with cash involved and giving the game a bad name."

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