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Ex-chairman 'knew' Stevie G could deliver Scottish crown

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Dave King welcomes Steven Gerrard back in 2018

Dave King welcomes Steven Gerrard back in 2018

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Dave King welcomes Steven Gerrard back in 2018

Dave King says his belief in Steven Gerrard has now been vindicated by the club's 55th league title.

King was the man who hired the former Liverpool captain back in 2018 as he sought a replacement for Pedro Caixinha.

The former Gers chairman faced ridicule and scorn when he plucked Gerrard from his post in charge of the Under-18s at Anfield and handed him one of the biggest jobs in British football.

But King - who remains the club's biggest individual shareholder having stepped down from his boardroom post last year - has had the last laugh.

He said: "I'm absolutely of the view that if we hadn't brought Steven in, we wouldn't have won the league this year.

"I've had a lot of challenges during my time at the club, not a lot of personal disappointment.

"However, it was a real personal disappointment to let Pedro go. I liked him, I liked working with him, he was a thoroughly decent man.

"I know he had an awkward relationship with the media, perhaps he was a bit naive in some of the things he did.

"I don't think he got the whole Glasgow thing, but he was a good man, he did his very, very best. But having said that, it was a result of that which led to the ultimate appointment of Steven.

"When I look back at all of the options available to me at the time, he was the one person I felt could win us the league.

"We had Premier League managers available to us, far more experienced men, but I knew what Steven could do."

King has warned Gerrard that, while he has now gained an icon status among the Rangers support, he may find it tougher to please them next season as expectation levels grow again.

"The relationship between the board, the club and its supporters will change next year," King said. "We've been able to ask supporters to stay with us, they knew times were tough.

"The supporters were always there but once the situation normalises you can't keep going back to the supporters. It will be an interesting dynamic moving forward. Having gone from playing catch-up, the expectations have changed.

"Fans will want to be dominant, so next year could be very interesting for everyone at the club."

Gerrard says: "This has been a team effort and a collective effort, it is a monumental achievement and I am so proud to be the manager of that."

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