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The big takeaways from Steven Gerrard's first Rangers press conference



Gerrard is the new Rangers boss

Gerrard is the new Rangers boss


Gerrard is the new Rangers boss

Steven Gerrard addressed the media for the first time since taking over at Rangers, here are the big takeaways from his first press conference in the Ibrox hotseat.

On taking the job

"I'm very aware of Rangers, the size of the club, I've watched them from afar and been lucky enough to watch some of the Old Firm games.

"It was a no-brainer for me. There were a lot of different things to think about but from that first phone call I got a special feeling and I knew that Rangers were for me."

On his lack of experience

"I can't do anything about having no experience. There is only one way to get experience - to believe you have the right characteristics to take on a challenge and confront it.

"In football if you're working under pressure, you're in a good place. I've missed that pressure of fighting for three points. I know there will be a lot of pressure and a lot of scrutiny but that's what I love about football."

On changes to the playing staff

"Stability is the key and I want to give these supporters an exciting team and a winning team and one to be proud of. I need to get my feet in the door and teeth into the job before I work out where we need to improve."

On whether he's confident he'll succeed

"I'm confident or I wouldn't be sitting in this seat. If I didn't have confidence in myself and my staff and the board I wouldn't have come here. In terms of targets, i just want to win football matches. That's my buzz."

On whether he's spoken to Brendan Rodgers

"I haven't spoken to Brendan regarding this role, but me and Brendan are fine, we always have been fine. I've spoken to close friends and family, people in the game that I'm tight with.

"This opportunity doesn't come around all the time - clubs with this size, stature and history. I believe I can come in and make these fans happy."

On new assistant Gary McAllister

"I can say who my number two is going to be. Well my assistant, I don't like to call him my number two as he's just as important as me and that will be Gary McAllister.

"He's a long-time friend of mine. I played alongside Gary at Liverpool and stayed in touch since. I have huge respect for Gary and he ticks the box where maybe I'm not the most experienced manager sitting here right now but he's been in the game for a very long time and as a partnership I feel that will be very strong.

"He will be a rock and a very big support and as soon as I asked him it was a yes straight away."

"I learned so much from Gary and I couldn't ask for anyone better to take on this challenge with me. The contract starts on June 1, hopefully there are some positive results to come in the short term. You've got to come to work with a smile on your face."



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