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Silky skills like Cooper's have been lost over time: MacDonald



Davie Cooper

Davie Cooper

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Davie Cooper

Davie Cooper's ability to beat opponents with a "dip of the shoulder" is a skill rarely seen in Scottish football these days, according to his former Rangers team-mate John MacDonald.

Former Clydebank, Gers, Motherwell and Scotland winger Cooper died of a brain haemorrhage on March 23, 1995 at the age of 39, after collapsing during the filming of a coaching video.

MacDonald struggles to believe it is 25 years since that happened but has nothing but good memories of a gifted footballer famed for his left foot.

Former Light Blues attacker MacDonald, who played for the Ibrox club between 1978 and 1986 - the bulk of Cooper's career at Rangers - said: "When you got to play with him and watch him in training, he showed what a great player he was.

"It is all about pace now, much more than in our time. You don't get many individuals. That is the difference between now and then.

"Coop didn't need the pace, he just went past players with a dip of the shoulder and quick feet.

"He would go past people as if they weren't there. He was the same in training, you couldn't get the ball off him.

"He hated the games in training when John Greig would play just two and three-touch.

"You get a few guys with a lot of skill these days like (Cristiano) Ronaldo and Coop would have been at that standard if he was playing just now."

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