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Time to move on after Rangers title decision

Thursday February 28, 2013 will always be remembered by Rangers fans as an important day in the club's history.


There was no match, but there was a big result for the Ibrox outfit. Lord Nimmo Smith declared that the EBT scheme the club used between 2000 and 2011 was legal and any possibility of stripping league titles won during that period would be dropped.

Scottish Football held its breath as the announcement was made because there would have been carnage had a guilty verdict resulted. For Rangers fans relief will have been the overriding feeling.

In an ideal scenario we could now draw a line under it and move on but I sense there’s a still bit of mileage left in it yet.

The animosity between opposing supporters and also towards the footballing authorities isn’t healthy and I really feel it’s one of the reasons why possible advancement is stalling.

If everyone could focus their energy on the future instead of the past then at least we could see progress. I’m not holding my breath though!

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