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Wright accuses 'paranoid' Caixinha of disrespect


By Robert Jones

Tommy Wright has fired a blast at Rangers' opposite number Pedro Caixinha claiming that the Portuguese manager is 'paranoid'.

The St Johnstone manager, whose side host the men from Govan this evening, stoked up the fires for the clash when he bit back at Caixinha's claim earlier in the week that the Saints had got prior knowledge of Rangers' team selection for a game last season.

The former Northern Ireland goalkeeper hit back angrily, saying: "What he's talking about in terms of us getting their team last season is just someone that's paranoid.

"I didn't get his team last season, it surprises me that he says I did. We didn't change our training regime, we didn't wait for them to finish training to get the team. It just didn't happen, so I now know what 'fake news' means because it didn't happen.

"He obviously has problems, he says there's a spy in the camp, and it looks like he has a spy in our camp to be able to say we changed training, but that's duff information because it never happened.

"We tried to second guess their team, which all managers do, but under no circumstances was I given the team or change training the day before the game, because I do the same preparation and it didn't happen.

"The comments are wrong and untrue about another manager at another club, and maybe someone should look into that because he has no proof.

"His mind games are working, he's enrolled in some university course in Portugal so they must be telling him that's how they deal with things.

"His focus should be chasing Celtic and making sure they don't get 10 in a row, rather than trying to play mind games and not showing respect to another manager.

"When you tell untruths about another manager, that's not showing respect, and really that should be his focus.

Meanwhile, Caixinha has gone "back to basics" over the international break in a bid to improve his team's worrying defensive record.

He said: "We were more focused on the details this week because we make the analysis that we cannot concede so many goals and concede goals the way we are conceding them.

"We need to get back to the basics of defending. That's what we have been focused on."

St Johnstone vs Rangers

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