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SuperCupNI results, fixtures and photos in full: Antrim out to humble United while Serie B stand in Down's way

The SuperCupNI continued on Thursday as County Down set up a Premier final showdown with Serie B Italia and County Antrim sealed their place alongside Manchester United in the Junior decider.

Here are all the big stories from the penultimate day of fixtures, the results in full and the schedule for the week.

Thursday Diary

Junior and Premier finals hit the web

BBC NI will broadcast today’s Junior final and Premier final on their website.

The Junior final will kick off at 5pm at the Ballymena Showgrounds, followed by the Premier final at 7pm.

The Minor final, between Bertie Peacock Youths and Greenisland, will not be broadcast live. It will kick off at midday at the Coleraine Showgrounds.

Bad break for Cherry Orchard's Evan

SPARE a thought for Cherry Orchard youngster Evan Laughlin.

The teenager broke his ankle on Wednesday in a match against London club Charlton Athletic.

A Cherry Orchard spokesperson said: “Evan has had a superb tournament and he’s been one of the stand-out players at the event.

“Well done Evan, we are very proud of you.”

Teams can still secure a silver lining

WHILE only a handful of teams can still win the main SuperCup NI trophy in their respective category, there is still plenty for the other teams in the tournament to play for.

In the Premier and Junior Sections, the Globe, Vase, Bowl and Salver trophies will be handed out today, while the Minor competition has both a Globe and Vase final this morning.

The subsidiary trophies ensure that all competing teams play five games each across the five days.

SuperCupNI results: Monday, July 23


Desportes Iquique 1 Ichifuna 2; Global Premier Soccer 0 Edmonton 3; Club America 2 Co Tyrone 1; Partick Thistle 0 Right to Dream 2; Serie B Italia 1 Co Armagh 0; First Choice Soccer 1 Otago 0; National Select NI 1 Co Fermanagh 1; Vendee 1 Co Londonderry 3; Co Antrim 0 GO Audax 1; Newcastle United 2 Co Down 2


Chivas 1 Co Antrim 1; Plymouth Argyle 1 Co Fermanagh 1; Charlton Athletic 1 Co Down 3; Strikers 3 North Dublin Schools 0; Southampton 4 Co Tyrone 0; Colina 0 Dundalk Schools 2; Global Premier 0 Cherry Orchard 1; Rangers 1 Club NI 1; Leeds United 0 Co Armagh 2; Manchester United 1 Co Londonderry 2


Portadown 1 West Ham United 2; Dungannon Swifts 0 Coleraine 2; Bertie Peacock Youths 17 Reeds 0; Greenisland 5 Ballinamallard United 0; Glenavon 4 Glentoran 5; Linfield 1 St Johnstone 0

SuperCupNI results: Tuesday, July 24


Serie B Italia 5 First Choice Soccer 0; Vendee 2 Global Premier Soccer 0; Otago 0 Co Armagh 4 ; National Select NI 0 GO Audax 0; Newcastle United 1 Desportes Iquique 0; Co Antrim 5 Co Fermanagh 0; Ichifuna 2 Co Down 3; Edmonton 2 Co Londonderry 1; Right to Dream 3 Co Tyrone 0; Partick Thistle 0 Club America 2.


Plymouth Argyle 1 Chivas 0; Co Antrim 3 Co Fermanagh 0; Charlton Athletic 4 Global Premier Soccer 3; Cherry Orchard 0 Co Down 0; Southampton 3 Strikers 1; North Dublin SL 1 Co Tyrone 3; Club NI 2 Co Londonderry 0; Dundalk SL 1 Co Armagh 1; Leeds United 1 Colina 2; Manchester United 1 Rangers 0.


Glenavon 0 Linfield 1; Glentoran 0 St Johnstone 3; Greenisland 1 Bertie Peacock Youths 1; Dungannon Swifts 0 Portadown 2; Coleraine 0 West Ham United 2; Ballinamallard United 11 Reeds 0.

SuperCupNI results: Wednesday, July 25


Vendee 1 FC Edmonton 0; Global Premier Soccer 1 Co Londonderry 1; Right to Dream 1 Club America 2; Partick Thistle 2 Co Tyrone 1; Newcastle United 1 Ichifuna 0; Co Down 3 Desportes Iquieue 0; Serie B Select 3 Otago 0; First Choice Soccer 0 Co Armagh 3; GO Audax 3 Co Fermanagh 0; National Select NI 0 Co Antrim 3


Colina 0 Co Armagh 2; Chivas 6 Co Fermanagh 0; Charlton Athletic 0 Cherry Orchard 0; Strikers 1 Co Tyrone 2; Leeds United 2 Dundalk Schools 3; Global Premier Soccer 1 Co Down 0; Plymouth Argyle 0 Co Antrim 0; Southampton 1 North Dublin Schools 0; Rangers 1 Co Londonderry 2; Man Utd 3 Club NI 0


Dungannon Swifts 3 West Ham United 1; Glenavon 1 St Johnstone 2; Portadown 3 Coleraine 1; Linfield 1 Glentoran 0; Bertie Peacock Youths 2 Ballinamallard United 0; Greenisland 16 Reeds 0

SuperCupNI results: Thursday, July 26


Cup Semi-Finals: Serie B 2 GO Audax 1; Club America 0 Co Down 2.

Globe Semi-Finals: FC Edmonton 2 (4) Co Armagh 2 (5); Newcastle United 0 (4) Co Antrim 0 (3).


Cup Semi-Finals: Southampton 0 Co Antrim 2; Co Armagh 0 Manchester United 2

Globe Semi-Finals: Cherry Orchard 0 Co Tyrone 1; Dundalk Schools 1 (4) Co Londonderry 1 (5)


Cup Semi-Finals: Linfield 0 Bertie Peacock Academy 3; Greenisland 1 (5) Portadown 1 (4)

Globe Semi-Finals: St Johnstone 2 Dungannon Swifts 3; West Ham United 1 Ballinamallard United 0

SuperCupNI fixtures and results: Friday, July 27


SuperCup NI 3rd/4th place play-off: Club America v GO Audax, Clough, 2pm

SuperCup NI final: Co Down v Serie B Italia, Ballymena Showgrounds, 7pm

Globe 3rd/4th place play-off: Co Antrim v FC Edmonton, Broughshane 2pm

Globe final: Newcastle United v Co Armagh, Coleraine Showgrounds 2.30pm


SuperCup NI 3rd/4th place play-off: Co Armagh v Southampton, Scroggy Road, Limavady 11am

SuperCup NI final: Manchester United v Co Antrim, Ballymena Showgrounds, 5pm

Globe 3rd/4th place play-off: Cherry Orchard v Dundalk SL, The Warren Portstewart 11am

Globe final: Co Tyrone v Co Londonderry, Anderson Park, Coleraine 2pm


SuperCup NI 3rd/4th place play-off: Linfield FC 3-3 Portadown FC (Linfield win 3-1 on penalties)

SuperCup NI final: Bertie Peacock Youths v Greenisland, Coleraine Showgrounds 12noon.

Globe 3rd/4th place play-off: St Johnstone v Ballinamallard United 11am

Globe final: Dungannon Swifts v West Ham United, 12.15pm

Vase final: Glentoran FC v Coleraine FC Ulster, 12.15pm

Vase 3rd/4th place play-off: Reeds FC 0-9 Glenavon FC

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